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Millions of Americans each year, get hurt on the job; it's inevitable and often unavoidable. As frustrated and alone you may be feeling right now, our office can help take that burden off your shoulders and see that you get things taken care of professionally and quickly.

Unfortunately thousands of people each year get swept under the rug and are either forced back to work; while still in pain due to inappropriate care, or even no care at all.

Many end up losing the job they love and are forced to enter into a line of work they hate, and at best, barely pays the bills.

But if you know your rights, responsibilities, and have a doctor who knows how to treat your injuries and properly report to your employer and your employer's insurance company, then you can avoid the frustration, upset, and stress you may be experiencing while you're trying to get better and back to work.

The workers' compensation system provides benefits if you become injured or ill from your job. Workers' compensation covers injuries or illnesses caused or made worse by work or the workplace. Workers' compensation does not cover self-inflicted injuries or injuries caused by intoxication. You do not have to prove that the accident or illness was your employer's fault or that it was not your fault.

Workers' compensation:

  • Pays for reasonably necessary chiropractic care related to the injury;
  • Pays compensation for part of your wage loss or inability to earn a full income;
  • Pays compensation for permanent loss of use of or loss of body function;
  • Pays benefits to dependents for a work-related death; pays for vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot return to the job or to the employer you had before your injury.

Millions Of Americans Are Demanding Chiropractic Second Opinions And Care For Their Injuries!... Here's Why?

The Utah Worker's Compensation Board study compared worker's compensation patients with identical diagnoses. Over 3000 cases were studied and the chiropractic patients got better faster and chiropractic care kept more patients from getting surgeries!

Helpful Hints If You've Been Injured

  • Save copies of all case documents, letters, forms, compensation checks and medical bills.
  • Keep track of your mileage for vocational rehabilitation and medical visits to qualify for reimbursements.
  • Save notes of phone conversations.
  • Put your name, Social Security number and date of injury on all papers and forms to help process them quickly. Clearly identify your employer and its insurer.
  • Inform your employer about your medical progress and plans to return to work.

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